I'm Rahul Mukherjee.

I tell visual stories at The Minneapolis Star Tribune. See how I showed how most police avoid punishment, broke down X-Games tricks, or explained what Vikings fans should keep an eye out for on Game Day.

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Shielded by the badge

Out of 629 cases charged against Minnesotan police officers in the past 20 years, about 4 out of every 5 do not get repremanded. I created a graphic to show how these cases are knocked down by the POST board.

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Access Vikings: Going inside every game

I worked with our beat writers to see which players the Vikings should look out for in the regular season, as well created an analysis for how effective the team's offense and defense has been for the past 10 years.

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Your Guide to X Games Minneapolis

I helped convert a print infographic for our website. We interviewed athletes particpating in the X Games about how they perform some of their tricks.

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Giants' greats through 200 Starts

Madison Bumgarner led the San Francisco Giants to 3 world series in 5 years. I visualized how he compared to other Giant's players in history.

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How rice is harvested

Rice production is a growing field in Northern California, so I wanted to show how rice was produced in a Californian enviorment.

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